Magnetic & Vacuum Palletizing/Depalletizing
The Whallon PD180 shuttle palletizer/depalletizer is designed to pick up full layers of product. At average speeds of 4 or more layers per minute, this heavy duty unit will handle more containers per minute than robotic systems.


  • Available with magnetic or vacuum pick-up
  • Able to handle various container and pallet sizes
  • Up to 5 layers per minute on fully automatic and up to 8 layers per minute on semi-automatic
  • UL Certified control panel


  • Able to palletize/depalletize steel cans, glass, and filters with magnetic pick
  • Able to palletize aluminum and PET containers with vacuum pick
  • Able to function as an infinite accumulation system between the cooker and packaging line
  • Able to feed (2) labeling lines for high speed packaging or rainbow lines
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