Whallon equipment is built to offer years of service but it could be time to consider an upgrade and take advantage of recent improvements to:

  • Enhance the performance of existing machines;
  • Replace outdated step switches and programmable logic controllers;
  • Replace obsolete components no longer available;
  • Modify equipment to handle different products or container sizes;
  • Bring equipment up to current safety standards;
  • Optimize speed capabilities

Popular Upgrades Available:

OBSOLETE BOSCH VALVE REPLACEMENT KIT: If you have a PD90 full can palletizer or depalletizer with a Bosch valve #0-811-404-100, control rack and cards, these parts are no longer available and are obsolete. Whallon highly recommends a replacement kit with Moog valve and electronic control package now to prevent future downtime should any of these components become inoperable.

MAST ASSEMBLY NYLATRON BEARING UPGRADE: If you have a PD90 full can palletizer or depalletizer, consider replacing worn mast assembly bearings to minimize movement as the machine swings. The upgrade kit includes steel races, nylatron bearings, nylatron wear ring and dust cover.

HYDRAULIC MANIFOLD VALVE UPDATE: Replace outdated or leaky valves with manifold and valve update kit. Kit includes all valves, manifold, bolt kits, pressure switch, and hoses. Available for all machines to minimize oil leaks and provide better hydraulic response.

PLC UPDATE: Replace outdated equipment controllers with new Allen Bradley controller. This update will allow for additions to machines as well as PLC monitoring. Available for machines with stepswitches, Furnas, Mitsubishi, and SLC 100 or 150 controllers.

RARE EARTH MAGNET HEAD: Replace your ceramic magnet head with an enhanced rare earth magnet head. Head includes plates, mounting pads, stronger magnets, a 11 gauge stainless steel pan, and clean design.

SAFETY UPGRADES: Custom tailored for your specific machines. Kits include a combination of panels, interlocked doors, pressure sensitive mats, bumper strips for magnetic heads, beacons, light curtains, and horns.

NASON PRESSURE SWITCH: Replace your Oildyne/Parker pressure switch with a Nason switch. The new switch has a longer life expectancy, is field adjustable, and easily customized to meet the needs of our equipment.

For additional information or pricing on our upgrade kits, please click here.

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