Bag Palletizer
A robot is only as good as the supporting equipment around it. With over 50 years of palletizing experience, Whallon Machinery knows it takes more than a robot to make a first-class robotic bag palletizing cell.
Robotic Bag Palletizer


  • Fanuc and Fuji integrators
  • Over 50 years of experience palletizing cans, cases, and pails with over 3,000 machines in operation
  • Over 50 years of experience handling pallets
  • Supporting conveyors, pallet handling, and end effectors designed and manufactured
  • All electrical design, PLC programming, controls package, panel assembly, wiring, and testing done in-house
  • Factory trained field service technicians and engineers that can support all of the equipment in the robotic cell
  • Able to design and manufacture custom equipment for uncommon and unique floor plans


Whallon Machinery, Inc.