Pallet Stacker/Dispenser
Whallon produces a variety of equipment to help move and manage your empty pallets with maximum efficiency. The Whallon PH Series pallet stacking and dispensing system is based on more than 50 years of handling pallets of almost any size in any condition.


  • Pallet storage bin can hold up to 12 pallets
  • Storage bin extensions available for additional pallet storage
  • Able to stack and/or dispense pallets to the floor or conveyor line
  • Extra rugged construction built from 1/4" plate to withstand forklift damage
  • Able to handle single or multiple pallet sizes
  • Able to handle block, CHEP, GMA, plastic, wood, metal, and solid top pallets
  • UL Certified control panel
  • Allen Bradley Logix platform
  • Can be wired for 110VAC, 220VAC, or 460VAC
  • Can be interfaced with new or existing equipment
  • Modular design will fit most floor plans
Whallon Machinery, Inc.