Case Palletizing
The Whallon user friendly LP300 is a low profile unit which can accommodate infeed conveyor heights as low as 28". With on-screen pattern programming available thru the HMI, the LP300 offers the versatility needed to make the changes you want


  • Able to handle various case sizes and multiple pallet configurations
  • Able to handle wrapped and unwrapped trays, bundles, cases
  • Up to 35 cases per minutes depending on case size and pattern
  • Infeed case heights as low as 28" and full pallet discharge as low as 11"
  • Infeed and metering belts supplied with system
  • Panelview Plus 1000 HMI with on-screen pattern programming


  • Bumpless turning
  • Slipsheet and/or divider sheet placement
  • Top frame placement
Whallon Machinery, Inc.